A Vegan Diet Does Not Have to Be Bland and Boring

When meat eaters hear the word vegan, they often envision a person consistently chewing on a piece of celery or some other types of bland vegetables. The truth is, vegan diets are anything but boring if one eats a wide array of fruits and vegetables. Now, there are more options than ever before to allow vegans to bring excitement to their diets. Hampton Creek has produced some interesting food products that were once considered off limits due to containing animal products.

When eating a vegan diet, one does not have to feel deprived. There are now vegan cheeses, faux meats, and many other foods that can be safely included in the vegan diet. These foods are full of nutrition and free of chemical byproducts and fillers. With Hampton Creek’s research, they have been able to find a suitable substitute for eggs. In the past, eggs were a big issue in vegan foods.

Because eggs could not be used, vegans often could not enjoy typical desserts, pancakes, and some types of bread. Although there was vegan mayo, it was often thin, runny, and even tasteless. When Hampton Creek discovered a Canadian yellow split pea had some of the same properties as eggs, they were elated. This pea allowed them to create many vegan food products and their line is ever-expanding.

Hampton Creek has worked to help vegans enjoy their diets more than ever. They no longer have to feel deprived of certain foods or flavors and can enjoy a wide array of healthy food choices that are easily accessible and inexpensive.

When vegans work to include an array of foods in their diet, their diets will be anything but boring. There is now no reason for vegans to feel like they are stuck in a continuous rut with their diets. With Hampton Creek, vegan diets just became exciting.

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