How to Quickly Schdeule a Deposition

A deposition is an essential part of the legal discovery process. It is a pre-trial oral testimony of events and answers to questions posed by both lawyers. People are required to provide a deposition via a subpoena and do so under oath. The purpose is to establish knowledge of the case, and allow opposing lawyers to ask questions. This is completed prior to a trial for several reasons. The first is to determine if a trial is necessary. In many cases, a settlement is reach once lawyers hear the whole story from all those involved in the litigation. Both sides agree the time and expense of a trial would be a waste. A settlement is faster, easier, and less stressful.

Another reason is to record information so a judge can later determine if is it relevant to the case, or if the information is admissible in court. A deposition is also used to verify information during trial or to call attention to any discrepancies. If witnesses change their story on the stand during a trial, for example, the information can be disputed based on what was recorded at the deposition. The process is crucial to most cases, but it can also take a lot of time, effort, and money. A place has to be selected. That is usually an office at the law firm, but that may not be the best place. If parties are traveling, lawyers are from different towns, or more space is needed, depositions can be held in hotel conference rooms.

Another element that adds to time and money is that a court reporter has to be present. If the law firm does not have one full time, one has to be hired. Time and money is again, being spent. The easiest way to schedule a deposition is to outsource the process to an experienced company. Depositions can even be scheduled online for convenience. The firm enters the date, the time, and whether or not a conference room is required. The company then provides the venue, if needed; provides the court reporter; and supplies copies of the deposition to all appropriate parties. There is very little time required, and only one invoice to pay.